iPhone X Is Most Breakable iPhone Ever

iPhone X Is Most Breakable iPhone Ever
The new iPhone X is easily damaged and the most expensive to repair, accord to a report.

(CCM) — The iPhone X is "the most breakable iPhone ever," according to SquareTrade, an extended warranty company which has conducted drop tests on the newest iPhone model.

Apple claims that the iPhone X has been fitted with the strongest glass of any smartphone ever made, with a strengthening layer which is 50% thicker than previous models. But SquareTrade found that the iPhone X's screen will shatter if dropped on its front or back from a height of six feet and the display would malfunction as well, according to a MacRumors report.

The official replacement cost of an iPhone X screen is $279, compared to between $129 and $169 for previous models. This price hike is likely because the iPhone X display uses costly OLED technology. An "other damage" repair to an iPhone X costs $549 — about the cost of a new iPhone 7. iPhone X users can reduce the risk of costly repair bills by purchasing Apple Care+, a $199 two-year warranty plan which cuts the cost of repairs to $29 for screens and $99 for other damage, including accidents.

SquareTrade's third-party warranty costs $129 for two years, with a $25 deductible to repair screens and $99 for other repairs.

Image: © Ostancov Vladislav - Shutterstock.com