Intel and AMD Gang Up on Nvidia

Intel and AMD Gang Up on Nvidia
An ultra-thin processor that combines Intel and AMD Radeon technology will challenge Nvidia's laptop GPU market.

(CCM) — Chip maker Intel and arch-rival AMD have teamed up to take on Nvidia with a new high-end gaming chip for laptops, Intel has announced.

The new processors will combine Intel's Core H-series chips with graphics chips from AMD's Radeon division. This will result in a total chip footprint reduction of over 50% compared to high-end gamer laptops which typically have separate central processors and Nvidia or Radeon graphics processors.

The secret sauce used in the new processor is Intel's Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) technology. This allows separate chips to pass information between themselves in close proximity at high speeds, and the new processors will be the first consumer products to take advantage of the technology.

That means that laptop manufacturers will be able to reduce the height of high-end gaming laptops from the current average of 26mm to something approaching the 11mm of today's thinnest laptop models, according to Chris Walker, an Intel vice president. The reduced silicon footprint will also leave manufacturers with more space to create better cooling solutions or increase battery life, he promised.

Intel has not announced pricing or any performance measurements relating to the new processors, but says they will be available in systems from major manufacturers in the first quarter of 2018.

Image: © Intel.