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OnePlus 5T Launch Event Open to Public

OnePlus 5T Launch Event Open to Public
OnePlus fans can buy a $40 ticket to the OnePlus 5T launch event in Brooklyn on November 8, 2017.

(CCM) — Chinese phone maker OnePlus is taking the unusual step of opening the launch event for its new OnePlus 5T handset to the public as well as press. But, inevitably, there is a catch. Anyone can go to the event, which is being held in Brooklyn, New York, on November 16, 2017, but to attend it is necessary to purchase a ticket for $40 from OnePlus' event page. Tickets go on sale on November 8, 2017.

Attendees will not be able to buy a OnePlus 5T on the day — they go on sale on November 21, 2017 — but reports suggest that attendees will be given $70 worth of unspecified goodies during the event. For those unwilling to pay $40 or unable to attend the event, the unveiling will be streamed live from Brooklyn on OnePlus' YouTube channel.

Little is known about the OnePlus 5T or how it will differ from the company's existing OnePlus 5 handset. But leaked information suggests that it will have a headphone jack and a bezel-less screen design and that it will be priced about $60 higher than the OnePlus 5, at about $600.

OnePlus launched the OnePlus 3T as a successor to its OnePlus 3 handset in 2016, and this featured a slightly faster processor, a bigger battery, a better front-facing camera, and more storage. It is likely that the OnePlus 5T will offer similar incremental improvements over the OnePlus 5.

Image: © OnePlus.
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The camera is the USP of OnePlus 5T and the sound quality is perfect. The battery last for the whole day and the dash charging is also available that only takes 30-40 for the full charge. The face unlock system is lightning fast and the fingerprint scanner is fastest one in the market. The display is just a masterpiece and you will love to watch your favorite videos on it. Look of the phone is super sexy as it's very slim design. This is an amazing smartphone with super fast speed and perfect Hardware-OS combination.

I have moved conveniently from iPhone 5S to this new generation phone. I was little uncertain about the big size of this handset, but when I tried it in my hand, it feels really comfortable to hold. Definitely, it's a complete package and you won't regret at all after buying it.

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