Driverless Bus Crashes on First Day

Driverless Bus Crashes on First Day
A self-driving shuttle bus was involved in an accident on its first day in service in Las Vegas .

(CCM) — A driverless shuttle bus had an inauspicious start when it went into service in Las Vegas yesterday and promptly was involved in a collision with another vehicle, the BBC reports. No-one was injured in the accident.

The vehicle was using self-driving technology developed by French company Navya and typically travels at about 15 mph as it carries people along the Las Vegas strip. It has a top speed of just under 30 mph.

The accident is believed to be the fault of a human truck driver who emerged from a side alley and failed to stop his vehicle. The driverless shuttle had come to a stop when the accident occurred. The driver was subsequently given a ticket by Las Vegas police, the report says.

Despite the fact that accident was caused by human error, the incident is bound to cast a shadow over the announcement that Google's Waymo is to launch a fleet of self-driving taxis in Phoenix which will have no human supervisor in the vehicle to take action if anything goes wrong.

But most accidents involving self-driving cars are caused by human errors which would likely have caused accidents even if the self-driving car had a human in control. A study from the RAND Corporation published this week says that more self-driving cars using the currently available technologies would make roads safer and calls for more such vehicles to be introduced, the BBC report says.

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