Google Assistant Now Broadcasts

Google Assistant Now Broadcasts
Family members can now broadcast to Google Home speakers using Google Assistant.

(CCM) — Google aims to make it easier to get families to the dinner table and kids to school with a new Google Assistant broadcast feature, announced today in a blog post.

The feature makes it possible for a user to broadcast their voice using Google Assistant on a smartphone or voice-activated speaker, such as Google Home, to all the other Assistant-enabled speakers in a home.

"When you need to round up the family in the morning, just say 'OK Google, broadcast it’s time for school!' and your message will broadcast to all Assistant-enabled speakers in your home," Alex Duong, Google Home's product manager, explained in the blog post.

The new feature also has some built-in Easter eggs. For example, if a user says "OK Google, broadcast it's dinner time" then a dinner bell will ring on all the voice activated speakers.

For broadcasting to work, all devices have to be signed in to the same Google account. The feature starts rolling out today to the Assistant on phones and speakers set to English language in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the U.K, with support for more languages coming soon, Duong promises.

Image: © Google.