Samsung Gear S3 Gets Huge Update

Samsung Gear S3 Gets Huge Update
The Gear S3 value pack introduces new activity management and communications features.

(CCM) — Samsung's Gear S3 smartwatch has received a massive shot in the arm thanks to a feature-packed firmware update.

The "Gear S3 value pack" update includes some powerful activity-tracking updates including a continuous real-time heart rate monitor, and a nutrition management feature which allows users to add calories consumed, check their calorie balance, and compare it to their daily target, the company said in the upgrade announcement. Users can also watch exercise programs from their smartphone on a TV and use their Gear S3 smartwatch to control the content and display their heart rate on the TV.

The update also enhances the watch's communications capabilities, allowing users to create contacts or events with just a few simple taps and twists of the bezel, the company says.

Changes to the watches user interface are intended to make it easier to see more information at a single glance. For example, a band has been added around the perimeter of the screen along with widget-specific text such as contact names, detailed weather information, or the remaining time before an alarm is set to go off. Users can view more or less information by rotating the bezel at a faster or slower rate.

The Gear S3 value pack update is available for download now using Samsung's Gear smartphone app.

Image: © Samsung.