Facebook Copies Snapchat's Streaks

Facebook Copies Snapchat's Streaks
Facebook is testing its own version of Snapchat's 'Streaks' feature.

(CCM) — Facebook appears to be copying Snapchat once again by testing its own version of Snapchat's "streak" feature in its Messenger app.

Snapchat encourages its users to talk to friends as often as possible by displaying Snapstreaks with fire emojis to reward users when they talk to a friend over a number of consecutive days. Now a Messenger-user called Case Sandberg has tweeted a picture of a Facebook equivalent, according to a Fortune report. The picture shows a Messenger popup which reads "Keep your streak going with Andrew." It adds that a lightning bolt symbol will be displayed when the friend in question is messaged with for at least two days in a row. "Keep chatting to keep it going," the popup concludes.

Although the Messenger "streak" feature only appears to be under test at the moment with a limited number of users, it is likely that it will be rolled out to all users in the near future. That is because "streaks" is just the latest manifestation of an apparent Facebook strategy of copying or cloning successful Snapchat features such as "Stories" and camera filters and introducing them into its own services.

Snapchat's user-base of about 173 million people is far smaller than Facebook's 1.2 billion users, but younger people appear to favor Snapchat over Facebook. By cloning Snapchat's most popular features Facebook may hope to attract — or at least retain — younger users and keep its user-base growing.

Image: © Jakraphong Photography - Shutterstock.com