Pixel Offers Smart Battery Prediction

Pixel Offers Smart Battery Prediction
Google's Pixel phones now learn owners' usage habits to make better battery life estimates.

(CCM) — Google has begun to harness a type of machine learning technology to provide more accurate battery life estimates on its Pixel smartphones.

Previously the company simply looked at average battery power consumption in the recent past to predict how much longer a Pixel user's battery would last. "If you’ve used about 10% per hour over the past few hours, we would guess you will keep using 10% per hour. As you might expect, this wasn’t always very accurate," a Pixel product manager explained in a blog post.

To improve on these crude estimates, Google now uses software on each Pixel device which learns how the owner uses that device's battery power over time. "Your phone looks at your battery usage on similar days and times, and uses that to predict your battery life in a personalized way," she said. "This means that if you’re like me and love to binge-watch YouTube on your way home, your phone will include that extra battery drain from Corgi videos in your estimate!"

Pixel users can see their personalized battery life predictions by going to the Battery section of Settings. By clicking on the battery icon, they can also see the estimate represented graphically over time: periods of estimated high and low usage should correspond to the user's typical behaviour.

Image: © MySmartPrice - Shutterstock.com