Microsoft Office Now Runs on Chromebooks

Microsoft Office Now Runs on Chromebooks
Microsoft's Office suite is now available in Google's Play Store for Chromebooks.

(CCM) — Microsoft has finally succeeded in getting a version of its Office suite to run on lightweight Chromebook devices after a year of testing and development work, according to a report in The Verge.

Chromebooks run Google's Linux-based ChromeOS and were originally designed to let users run web-based applications accessed using Google's Chrome browser. They can also run some Android apps that are made available through Google's Play Store for Chromebooks, and it is the Android versions of Microsoft's Office apps that are now available for Chromebook users to download from this store.

Microsoft offers Office free for devices (such as smartphones) with a screen smaller than 10.1-inches, so users of smaller Chromebooks will be able to use Microsoft office on their devices without paying anything. Owners of larger Chromebooks will be able to open office documents to view them, but they will not be able to create, edit, or print documents without unlocking the applications by paying for an Office 365 subscription.

But the report points out that many Chromebooks are used in school classrooms, and many schools already subscribe to Office 365 for their students. That means many Chromebook users in schools will now be able to use Microsoft Office without paying any additional fees.

Earlier this year Microsoft introduced Windows 10 S, an operating system which appears to have been designed for low-cost computers used in schools, in almost direct competition with ChromeOS used by Chromebooks in an educational environment.

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