Twitter Blocks New York Times Tweets

Twitter Blocks New York Times Tweets
Twitter erroneously blocked one of the New York Times' Twitter accounts, silencing it for 24 hours.

(CCM) — Twitter has received some flak for silencing one of the Twitter accounts belonging to the New York Times last week, apparently in error, according to a BBC report.

The newspaper's @nytimesworld team account, which is a Twitter "verified account" that covers global events, was locked after tweeting about the Canadian prime minister, according to the report. The account normally tweets about 100 times every day, but the account was silenced for almost 24 hours because Twitter said that it had violated its rules about hateful conduct.

The tweet that led to the suspension was the apparently innocuous: "Left out of an apology a decade ago, native people in Newfoundland and Labrador get an apology from Justin Trudeau."

Twitter later issued a statement saying that that it should not have blocked the newspaper's account. "After reviewing the account, it appears that one of our agents made an error. We have flagged this issue so that similar mistakes are not made going forward," the statement said.

Earlier this month Twitter received criticism after President Trump's Twitter account was deactivated by a rogue employee for about 11 minutes. The incident raised questions about the security of President Trump's account and who has access to it.

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