IKEA and Sonos Form Double Act

IKEA and Sonos Form Double Act
IKEA has announced plans to work with Sonos to make sound systems for the home.

(CCM) — Ikea has teamed up with Sonos to explore ways to build Sonos' wireless speaker and home sound system technology into Ikea's furniture range, the Swedish company has announced.

"IKEA is taking on sound in the home together with Sonos, and will explore how to make it even easier for people to play any song, anywhere in the home, without interrupting the flow of daily life," the company teased. The company provided no more details about what it will be working on and when the first products may be expected to hit the market.

IKEA has already announced a range of furniture that incorporates built-in Qi wireless charging pads, so it is possible that the company is also planning to build Sonos controls into its furniture too. The company may also be planning to offer furniture with built-in wireless Sonos speakers, or the announcement may just herald a new range of furniture with fitted spaces or slots where Sonos equipment can be dropped in.

Some commentators have questioned the thinking behind the deal, because while Sonos' makes premium products — such as the Sonos One — with premium prices, Ikea's low cost furniture is designed to be simple and affordable, targeting a completely different consumer demographic.

Image: © IKEA.