Nvidia Unveils Desktop AI Chip

Nvidia Unveils Desktop AI Chip
The Titan V offers supercomputer power to researchers' desktop PCs.

(CCM) — Nvidia has introduced the world's most powerful PC graphics processing unit (gpu), which is equipped with over 20 billion transistors and which is capable of carrying out an astonishing 110 trillion calculations every second.

The Titan V gpu utilizes Nvidia's new Volta architecture, which uses a completely redesigned streaming multiprocessor at the center of the GPU. This offers double the energy efficiency of the previous generation Pascal architecture, enabling a nine-fold increase in performance for the same power consumption.

The new gpu is designed for extremely calculation-demanding applications such as artificial intelligence and deep learning running on PCs, according to Jensen Huang, Nvidia's chief executive. Such applications are typically run on supercomputers or high performance computing systems in universities and research establishments, but the Titan V will enable researchers who do not have access to such systems to access comparable computing power on their desktop PCs.

"With Titan V, we are putting Volta into the hands of researchers and scientists all over the world. I can't wait to see their breakthrough discoveries," he said.

TITAN V is available to purchase today for $2,999 from the NVIDIA store in participating countries.

Image: © Nvidia.