Keylogger Built Into HP Laptops

Keylogger Built Into HP Laptops
A security researcher has found keylogger software pre-installed on many HP laptops dating back to 2012.

(CCM) — A massive security flaw has been discovered in hundreds of HP laptop models which could enable a hacker to record passwords and other confidential information typed on the keyboard by the owner.

A security researcher called Michael Myng has discovered that among all the software pre-installed on the computers there is a keylogging program, which by default is disabled. However a hacker who accessed the computer could enable it relatively easily. The keylogger was built into the software which controls the Synaptics touchpads used by the affected HP laptops and was originally intended to help engineers to find and fix bugs in the software, according to HP.

The company has published a list of the laptops which have the keylogger code installed and is issuing updates to the Synaptics software which does not include the keylogger. Affected products include laptops in the EliteBook, ProBook, Pavilion, and Envy ranges, some of them dating back as far as 2012.

At the time of writing, there was no updates yet available for some of the affected laptops.

This is not the first time that keylogging software has been found on HP products: a similar keylogger was discovered in May in the audio drivers pre-installed on several laptop models. HP said at the time that the keylogger software has been "mistakenly" added to the drivers.

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