iOS 11 Jailbreak on the Cards

iOS 11 Jailbreak on the Cards
A newly publicized vulnerability should allow developers to produce a jailbreak for iOS 11.

(CCM) — iOS 11 may soon be jailbroken following the publication of information about vulnerabilities in the software discovered by researcher Ian Beer, a member of Google's Project Zero cybersecurity team. Project Zero is tasked with finding previously unknown "zero-day" vulnerabilities in software, reporting the bugs to the software maker, and publicizing them only once a patch has been released or after 90 days — whichever is sooner.

The memory corruption bug discovered by Beer was present in iOS 11.1.2 and earlier, and it was fixed in version 11.2 of the mobile operating system. But the vulnerability should allow jailbreak developers to exploit the bug and enable anyone who is still running iOS 11.1.2 or earlier on an iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, or iPod Touch 6th Gen to jailbreak their device. Apple does not allow its devices to be downgraded, so anyone running a later version of the firmware will be unable to take advantage of the jailbreak when it is released.

Jailbreaking a device is legal and allows users to run unapproved software and customize their devices in ways which Apple does not permit. But a jailbroken device is also more vulnerable to attacks from malicious hackers, so some companies, including many banks, use technology within their apps to detect jailbroken devices and prevent the apps from running if they detect a jailbrake.

iOS 11 is the only version of Apple's mobile operating system that has not yet been jailbroken.

Image: © Apple.