Instagram Introduces Hashtag Following

Instagram Introduces Hashtag Following
Instagram users can now discover images they are interested in by following hashtags.

(CCM) — Instagram is illuminating even the most obscure corners of its image-sharing service by introducing the ability to "follow" hashtags in the same way that users follow friends. That means that aficionados of slime, for example, will easily be able to find related images just by following #slime.

To start taking advantage of the feature, users can search for a specific topic or tap on a hashtag in any post. Searches will bring up relevant hashtags, and users can tap on any they are interested in and then tap on the "follow" button. Once a hashtag is being followed users will see top posts from that hashtag in their feed and some of the latest stories in the stories bar, the company says. A hashtag can be unfollowed at any time.

Another way to find interesting hashtags to follow is to check out the hashtags that friends and other people follow in their profiles. However, the company says that the hashtags respect the user's privacy settings, so if their account is set to private then the hashtags they follow can only be viewed by their followers.

The new feature is available today on iOS and Android.

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