Twitter Adds Tweet Threading

Twitter Adds Tweet Threading
Twitter has made it easy for users to create threads of connected Tweets and publish them all in one go.

(CCM) — Twitter has finally launched a new feature which makes it easy to create threads — a series of connected Tweets. Threading is already possible on Twitter, but doing so is non-intuitive, and it can sometime be hard to discover and read all the Tweets that make up a particular thread.

Now Twitter has introduced a "+" button which appears when a user is composing a Tweet. Tapping on the button allows the user to write further Tweets in the same thread. Finally, tapping on the "Tweet all" button at the top of the page causes all the Tweets in the thread to be published at the same time. Users can also add more Tweets to a thread they have already published at any time by tapping on the "Add another Tweet" button.

To make it easier for users to spot a thread and read all the tweets it contains, Twitter has also added an obvious "Show this thread" label which appears next to Tweets in a thread.

The new feature is part of a general overhaul of Twitter to allow longer messages as it seeks to stay relevant in the face of competition from other social networks. In November 2017 the company relaxed its trademark 140 character limit on Tweets, enabling users to send up to 280 characters in a single Tweet.

Image: © Twitter.