Google Chrome Silences Autoplay Videos

Google Chrome Silences Autoplay Videos
The new muting feature is the first step towards blocking unpopular autoplay videos on web pages entirely.

(CCM) — Google has launched its opening salvo in the battle against autoplay videos by enabling users of the latest version of its Chrome browser to mute them automatically.

Chrome 64 Beta allows users to silence autoplay videos on a site-by-site basis, by configuring a setting in Chrome 64's permissions bar. Although it is not possible to mute all autoplay videos by default, all such videos will be muted if they come from a muted parent domain.

Autoplay videos are unpopular with many web users because they consume bandwidth and generate noise unexpectedly, requiring users to navigate to the video window and stop the content from playing unless they specifically want to view and listen to it. For those reasons Google has promised that a full autoplay video blocking feature will be introduced in Chrome in January 2018.

Chrome 64 Beta also introduces a stronger pop-up ad blocker and it also prevents sites which have links disguised as play buttons or other site controls from opening new tabs and windows. Sites which use transparent overlays that are designed to capture all clicks and open new tabs or windows are also prevented from working.

The new release also introduces support for HDR video playback when Windows 10 is in HDR mode.

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