Instagram Offers Advance Feature Trial

Instagram Offers Advance Feature Trial
Instagram is letting some users test drive new features for its app.

(CCM) — Instagram is offering users the opportunity to try out cutting-edge new features to help it decide whether they should make it into the Instagram iOS and Android apps, TechCrunch is reporting.

The Alpha testing program involves running an experimental version of the app, which is likely to be contain many bugs, and which may also freeze or crash from time to time. Its purpose is to allow Instagram to evaluate new features and how they are used by trail participants. It is "a great way to collect feedback from the community," an Instagram spokesperson said in the report.

Some of these features may be developed further and tested fully in Instagram's existing Beta testing program which was first opened to the public two years ago. Features that have already emerged from the Beta testing program and are now standard features in the main Instagram app include account switching and multi-photo album posts.

An Instagram employee posted an invitation for people to join the Alpha program on Reddit, a discussion site, but the post has since been removed. The Alpha program is not currently taking additional requests to join, according to the report, but users can still join the Android Alpha testing program on the Play Store, the report adds.

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