YouTube Adds Vertical Video Support

YouTube Adds Vertical Video Support
YouTube can now display videos shot on mobile phones without black bars on both sides.

(CCM) — YouTube has finally updated its iOS app to allow "vertical" videos to be displayed in full screen rather than flipped sideways with black vertical bars to on both sides of the image.

"Bye bye, black bars. Now the YouTube player on iOS will automatically adapt to the shape of the video you're watching," Google's Team YouTube announced in a Tweet.

Traditionally, videos have been short in landscape format, but the rise in popularity of videos shot on mobile phones means that "vertical" portrait format videos have become increasingly common. YouTube gave its Android app the ability to display these videos in the same way that they were shot two years ago, but iOS users have had to put up with portrait format videos reduced in size and converted into landscape ones with the black bars filling up the blank space.

However the update to the app does not spell the end for the infamous black bars. That is because many vertical videos on YouTube have been encoded in landscape format with the black bars on each side. These videos will continue to appear as landscape format videos, but newly uploaded vertical videos should be able to take advantage of the new iOS app capability.

Image: © YouTube.