Instagram Adds Recommended Posts to Feed

Instagram Adds Recommended Posts to Feed
Users are discovering posts from accounts they do not follow added to their Instagram feed automatically.

(CCM) — Instagram is making a huge change to the way users experience the service by introducing "Recommended" posts into their personal feeds.

These will be selected from accounts that users do not already follow, based on likes that the posts receive from other accounts that the users do follow, Instagram has announced. The posts will appear in a new section labeled "Recommended for You" in the home feed, and the section will contain about four posts at any given time.

Previously users had to leave the home feed and access the "Explore" tab if they wanted to see recommended posts. Instragram says users can temporarily hide "Recommended for You" posts, with the implication being that they will reappear in their home feed automatically after a short period of time.

The introduction of posts from accounts that users do not follow has prompted unhappy comments from many people, such as "No Instagram I don't want 'recommended posts' on my feed. I follow the accounts I follow for a reason," Tweeted by a user called Bella.

"Recommended" posts are the latest in a series of new features that Instagram has introduced over the last few months. Earlier in December the company debuted a way for users to follow hashtags instead of accounts, enabling them to find posts related to specific interests.

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