LG Unveils Pint-Sized 150-Inch Projector

LG Unveils Pint-Sized 150-Inch Projector
The HU80KA projector can be carried from room to room to display 4K content.

(CCM) — LG has detonated a bomb under the 4K projector market with the announcement of a new UHD projector which is roughly half the size of competing products.

The HU80KA is pitched as an "affordable yet premium" 4K projector which can display a 150-inch picture at a very bright 2,500 lumens. The company says it compares favorably with other products in the market which are "heavy, expensive, and difficult to install." It can be mounted on a wall, hung from the ceiling, or, simply placed on the floor in front of a suitable blank wall.

As well as offering 4K resolution, the projector supports HDR video (but not Dolby Vision). It has two built-in 7 watt speakers, but for better sound reproduction the projector can be linked to external speakers using optical, HDMI, or Bluetooth connections.

The HU80KA can play content from USB drives or media players connected by HDMI or Ethernet. The projector's webOS 3.5 smart TV interface can also access the most popular online streaming services offering 4K content.

LG has not revealed pricing information for the product, but it is likely to be in the region of $2,000.

Image: © LG.