Vivo Shows First Onscreen Fingerprint Sensor

Vivo Shows First Onscreen Fingerprint Sensor
The Chinese manufacturer showcased the industry’s first onscreen fingerprint sensor.

(CCM) — Today, at CES 2018, Chinese smartphone maker Vivo gave a demo of a prototype smartphone featuring a fingerprint sensor on the display screen. Vivo has partnered with Synaptics to accomplish this and has beat out competitors, like Samsung, who are said to be working on similar technology. (Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 is expected to feature the same fingerprint technology.)

The fingerprint sensor is placed between the mainboard and the OLED panel, where it illuminates the finger and, then, processes the fingerprint through the light. The company's senior vice president, Alex Feng, said in a press release that the new technology is a more convenient way of fingerprint authentication on a smartphone. It is said to be just as secure as current fingerprint scanning technology.

Vivo will be launching the device in early 2018.

Image: © Engadget.