Super Mario Odyssey Coming to PC

Super Mario Odyssey Coming to PC
A team of software developers is working on a Nintendo Switch emulator for the PC.

(CCM) — Hit Nintendo Switch console games such as Super Mario Odyssey could be hitting PC screens in the near future thanks to a new emulator which has just been announced.

The software development team which created the Nintendo 3DS PC emulator tweeted: "Announcing yuzu, the first Nintendo Switch emulator that does all of the things you didn't need it to do! Stay tuned for more from the yuzu team!"

Emulators allow games designed to run on a specific game console to be run on a standard PC, but they fall into a legal grey area. As long as they mimic the process or concept of the computer code running on the console without actually using the original code they are not usually held to be infringing the console-maker's copyright.

Downloading the software for games such as Super Mario Odyssey to play on an emulator is illegal, but extracting the software from a game that a user has purchased and playing it on an emulator is generally deemed to be fair use of the software, and thus not illegal.

The Nintendo Switch game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can already be played on a PC because the game was also released on the Wii U, and there is already an emulator available for that game console.

Image: © Nintendo