Netflix Eyes Nintendo Switch

Netflix Eyes Nintendo Switch
Netflix is looking to be only the second video steaming service available on Nintendo's Switch console.

(CCM) — Netflix is hoping to bring its video streaming service to Nintendo's Switch console in the near future, according to a Business Insider report.

Company representatives said that they are "still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don't have definitive plans to share at this time," the report says.

Earlier this month a Netflix customer service team member tweeted: "There are currently no plans for Netflix on Nintendo Switch," but this tweet has now been deleted, adding credence to the idea that a Netflix app for the Switch may be in the works.

On top of that, Netflix is already available on Nintendo's older Wii and Wii U consoles, as well as Sony's PS3 and PS4, and Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

In November 2017, Hulu became the first and so far the only video streaming service to be made available on the Nintendo Switch. But many commentators believe it is only a matter of time before Netflix and other services such as YouTube and Amazon Prime Video are ported to the game console.

Earlier this year Citigroup analysts said that Apple is interested in acquiring Netflix, and any bid for the company is expected to be in the region of $70 billion.

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