OnePlus Rocked by Card Fraud Claims

OnePlus Rocked by Card Fraud Claims
OnePlus has stopped accepting credit cards in its web store after customer card detail leak claims.

(CCM) — Chinese smartphone-maker OnePlus has been forced to stop selling its products using credit card payments, the BBC is reporting.

This follows claims by multiple customers that fraudulent charges have been made to their credit cards after using them to pay for goods at OnePlus's online store at More than 200 people from different countries say that their cards have racked up unauthorized charges of between $50 and $3,000 after making OnePlus purchases, although in some cases their banks' or card processors' security systems flagged the charges as suspicious and stopped the payments.

The company has launched an investigation, but says that it does not carry out card processing itself or store credit card information. Instead it uses a third-party company to carry out the payment processing on its behalf.

Customers can still buy phones and accessories from the OnePlus online store using Paypal while the credit card investigation continues, and other secure ways to pay may be introduced in the near future, according to the BBC.

OnePlus offers high-powered smartphones which compete with Samsung's Galaxy and Apple's iPhone, at a significantly lower price. In November 2017 the company launched its flagship OnePlus 5T handset featuring a 6-inch screen, a powerful Qualcomm 835 processor, and dual 16 and 20 megapixel rear cameras, priced from $499.

Image: © OnePlus.