Facebook Aims to Shed Messenger Features

Facebook Aims to Shed Messenger Features
The company plans to simplify and streamline its Messenger app because it has become too cluttered and unwieldy.

(CCM) — Facebook plans to strip back its Messenger app to the bare bones after spending the last two years adding one new feature after another.

David Marcus, a Facebook vice president, admitted that some of those features have not been successful, and overall the app was confusing. "While we raced to build these new features, the app became too cluttered," he said in a blog post. "Expect to see us invest in massively simplifying and streamlining Messenger this year."

He also predicted that visual messaging will explode in 2018, with users expecting a super-fast and intuitive camera, video, images, GIFs, and stickers with almost every conversation. "Even in the workplace where conversations can be more serious, we see people embracing emojis and video to help drive a point home," he said.

Around the world he said that 1.3 billion people actively use Messenger every month, and in 2017 they sent more than 500 billion emojis and 18 billion GIF images. The number of video chats also doubled over the previous year from about 8 billion to 17 billion.

Image: © Facebook.