ChaiOS Bug Crashes iPhones and Macs

ChaiOS Bug Crashes iPhones and Macs
A malicious text message sent to iPhones and Macs can crash them without any action on the part of users.

(CCM) — A new bug in Apple's iOS 11 software, dubbed the ChaiOS bug, can be exploited to annoy users by causing their iPhones to crash and restart, according to a BBC report.

Abraham Masri, a software developer who discovered the bug, said that simply sending a text message containing a link to some code he has written would cause the recipient's iPhone to crash, even if they did not click on the link. The message also causes the Safari browser on macOS to crash and causes other slowdowns, according to the report.

Explaining the purpose of his code, Masri tweeted: "The bug I released was to get Apple's attention. Btw, I always report bugs before releasing them."

The ChaiOS bug can't be used to steal data from or install malware on affected devices. But its discovery is an embarrassment to Apple as it is just the latest in a series of problems that have been discovered in its iOS 11 software. In October 2017 it fixed a bug which caused a crackling noise during calls, and in November 2017 a flaw was discovered which enabled anyone to access Mac computers without knowing the password. More recently a programming error meant that users where unable to type the letter "I".

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