Instagram Lets Users Spy on Friends

Instagram Lets Users Spy on Friends
Instagram now lets users see when their friends last checked the app on their mobile device.

(CCM) — Instagram has added a new feature to its app which enables friends to get a glimpse of an account holder's usage patterns, Business Insider is reporting.

The new feature, which is enabled by default, provides information about when a user was last on Instagram to people who are tagged in the user's Stories, or who exchange private messages with the user. It shows how long has elapsed since the user last opened the app or accessed the Instagram messaging screen.

For users worried about the feature impinging on their privacy, it is possible to deactivate the new feature. To do so they need to tap on their profile page and then click on the settings gear symbol beneath their name. In the settings menu, they can then toggle off the "Show Activity Status" option. Deactivating the feature also deactivates the ability for the user to see the activity status of any other people.

Instagram recently added another feature to the iOS version of the app which makes it easy for a user to see if an account is following them. When looking at the account of someone who is following the user, they will now be presented with the option to "Follow Back" instead of just "Follow." This feature was already present in the Android version of the Instagram app.

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