Amazon Launches Checkout-Free Store

Amazon Launches Checkout-Free Store
Amazon's Go store in Seattle allows anyone to take items and walk out without first queuing at a checkout device.

(CCM) — Online retailer Amazon could well be sparking a bricks-and-mortar shopping revolution with the public launch of its first checkout-free supermarket, the BBC is reporting.

Shoppers at the Amazon Go store in Seattle "check-in" to the store by holding the Amazon Go smartphone app to a scanner. After that, cameras and other sensors on the ceilings and store shelves identify each customer and track any items they pick up and put in their bags or pockets. These are automatically added to the their bills, although items which are returned to the shelves are immediately removed from their bills.

When customers walk out of the store, their credit cards are automatically charged for their purchases.

The technology has been tested for over a year by Amazon employees, and teething problems caused by shoppers with similar body shapes being wrongly identified, or by people returning items to the wrong places on the store shelves, have now been fixed, according to the report.

Amazon has not yet announced whether it plans to open more Amazon Go stores in the near future, or if the technology will be rolled out to the hundreds of Whole Foods stores that it acquired in 2017 for $13.7 billion.

Image: © Amazon