Verizon Adds Roaming to Go Unlimited

Verizon Adds Roaming to Go Unlimited
Verizon Go Unlimited Subscribers can browse, text, and call in Mexico and Canada without incurring roaming charges.

(CCM) — Verizon is tearing down the borders between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada for subscribers to its $75 per month base Go Unlimited plan, the company has announced.

From Jan 25, 2018, subscribers to Verizon's cheapest "unlimited" plan will be able to call, text, and use data while in Canada or Mexico at no extra cost. The change will be introduced automatically for both new and existing Go Unlimited subscribers.

However, as with many "Unlimited" plans, there are limits on this international usage. Specifically, subscribers can only use up to 512 MB of LTE data per day. After that has been used up, data will be throttled to 2G speeds.

The new feature is also intended only for occasional visitors to Mexico or Canada, so if more than half a subscriber's calls, texts, or data usage takes place in those countries during a 60-day period it may be "removed or limited."

Rival carrier T-Mobile already offers free calls, texts, and data to subscribers to its base $70 One plan, but in place of daily data restrictions it imposes a 5 GB monthly data cap on usage abroad. Subscribers can upgrade this to unlimited LTE data by adding One Plus International for an additional $25 per month.

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