Samsung May Open Up Exynos SoCs Sales

Samsung May Open Up Exynos SoCs Sales
Samsung will reportedly start selling its in-house-developed Exynos chipsets to other smartphone makers.

(CCM) — Samsung has been manufacturing Exynos chipsets exclusively for its Galaxy smartphones since 2010. Now, according to a report by DigiTimes, Samsung is planning to start selling its proprietary Exynos mobile processors to other smartphone manufacturers in order to expand its platform.

Samsung's Exynos chipsets claimed the fourth spot in terms of market share in the midrange smartphone market. Currently, MediaTek ranks third in the market share while Qualcomm and Apple take the first and second spots, respectively. The report states that Samsung is planning to bring its processors onto the open market to compete with these mobile chipset industry decision makers. It also reveals that Samsung wants to boost its wafer foundry utilization rate.

Samsung is also rumored to add more to its chipset business to woo smartphone manufacturers. The report says that the company could add OLED, flash, and DRAM supplies to the package so that it can rank ahead of competitive wafer foundry costs.

According to industry sources mentioned in the report, Samsung will initially target the mid-range segment of smartphones. This is not the first time that Samsung has opened its Exynos SoC for other makers, as Meizu has been using Exynos chipset on its devices for several years. However, the procurement was limited to Meizu only, but now Samsung seems to be opening its business for all manufacturers.

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