Google Launches Bulletin App for Local News

Google Launches Bulletin App for Local News
Google has launched the Bulletin app to promote hyperlocal news stories in the U.S.

(CCM) — In a move to encourage local news, Google has launched a new app called Bulletin. The app is aimed at promoting local news over national headlines, allowing local users to submit stories related to their communities directly from their phones. Similar to standard news articles that appear in other news applications, news stories in Bulletin include text, tags, images, videos, and a social media share button. In its initial phase, the app will be limited to two cities in the U.S. — Nashville and Oakland.

Google has optimized its Google Search algorithm to discover Bulletin news easily. For now, it is not clear whether Google will be screening or editing these stories to curb fake reporting, but given the danger of platform abuse, it is likely that it will include some publishing guidelines.

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