iPhone X Plagued by Incoming Call Bug

iPhone X Plagued by Incoming Call Bug
Apple's iPhone X seems to be affected by a software bug that is causing a delay in answering calls.

(CCM) — Several Apple iPhone X users are reporting a bug in the smartphone that is causing a delay in the display lighting during an incoming call. According to a report from Financial Times and various posts on Apple Forum, many iPhone X users have reported that their device takes up to 10 seconds to light up when there is an incoming call, which stops them from answering the call quickly. This is due to the fact that without a display, they can't access the “Accept” button.

Before Apple could come up with an update to fix the issue, many users tried some known ways to fix it. On the forum, many users posted that the problem goes away temporarily by doing a factory reset on the phone. The issue was first reported on the forum in December, and since then many users have added to the thread, highlighting the fact that the issue is spreading to more units. The Financial Times report suggests that “hundreds” of iPhone X units have been plagued by it.

For now, Apple has yet to set a timeline for rolling out a fix for this issue.

Image: © Apple.