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Samsung Galaxy S9 Prices May Surge

Samsung Galaxy S9 Prices May Surge
Recent reports hint that Samsung may follow Apple’s pricing strategy for its Galaxy S9 smartphone.

(CCM) — Samsung's forthcoming flagship smartphone is all set to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month. While many of its specs have already been leaked, the public is only recently getting wind that the Galaxy S9 may cost more than expected. A report from ETNews implies that the device may cost somewhere between $875 and $925, which is a substantial jump from the pricing of its predecessor, the Galaxy S8, which started at $720. TechRadar also quoted a source hinting that the Galaxy S9 could retail at £789, or around $1,110.

If these rumors are indeed true, it would appear that Samsung is aiming to follow Apple's pricing strategy for upcoming phones. Last year, Apple's iPhone X retail price registered in four-digit figures. This strategy could prove interesting to Samsung, and the like, because it secured fairly impressive financial results even when the company experienced decreased overall sales.

Image: © Samsung.
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