iOS 11.3 Battery Health Feature Revealed

iOS 11.3 Battery Health Feature Revealed
Apple has disclosed its upcoming Battery Health feature before its official iOS 11.3 release.

(CCM) — Apple has promised a new Battery Health feature for iOS that will detail battery performance. The company has yet to include it in any official version but has included it in the beta version of iOS 11.3.

The feature addresses transparency issues regarding performance throttling by Apple on older iPhones. With the Battery Health feature, iPhone users can check their battery performance in a percentage that highlights current battery capacity compared to when it was new as well as compared to its peak performance. When new, the battery on the iPhone can easily reach standard peak performance levels, as noted by Apple in the Battery Health menu. However, as the battery gets old, its peak performance will drop. Once it reaches the lowest level, the iPhone will experience a shutdown. In this case, the Battery Health app will display the message, "This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power."

The Battery Health feature is expected be included on the official version of iOS 11.3 soon and will be available for iPhone 6 or later.

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