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Cortana Gets Native Support on iPad

Cortana Gets Native Support on iPad
Apple iPad users can now use Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana by downloading the app from the App Store.

(CCM) — Apple has a pleasant surprise for Cortana lovers in the App Store today. Microsoft has upgraded the Cortana app, and it is now available for download for iOS tablet users. Cortana has also acquired a new UI to fit the iPad's display, regardless of which size iPad it is downloaded on. Microsoft has also noted that it has made a slew of improvements under the hood that allow Cortana to open 20% faster on iOS devices.

Apple does not allow third-party apps to integrate directly into the OS, which means iPad users will only be able to use Cortana within its app. That means that, unlike Apple's own Siri or Cortana running on a Windows device, Cortana won't be allowed to wake up via voice command when the app is not in use.

Image: © ymgerman - Shutterstock.com
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