Apple Pay Adds Banks and Unions

Apple Pay Adds Banks and Unions
To promote its mobile payment service across the U.S., Apple Pay has added 26 regional banks and credit unions.

(CCM) — Apple has announced that it has added support for 26 more banks and credit unions in the U.S. The complete list of banks can be found online. As part of the expansion, Apple Pay has also included retail stores to accelerate the growth of the payment mode. Last year, the payment service added new features like Apple Pay Cash in the US.

In the past, Apple Pay has witnessed numerous banks adopting the mobile payment service. Following its growth strategy, the service will soon arrive in Brazil, making it the first new market included in 2018.

Apple will also be offering a discount on Apple Pay for Valentines Day, with users set to get $15 off at 1-800-Flowers when completing the transaction using Apple Pay. The offer is limited to online purchases on the app and the website.

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