Instagram Testing Screenshot Alerts

Instagram Testing Screenshot Alerts
Following Snapchat's lead, Instagram may also notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their Stories.

(CCM) — Instagram appears to be testing a new feature that lets users know when someone takes a screenshot of their Story. Users who are part of the test are getting a warning notice in the app stating that, the next time that they take a screenshot of a given user's Story, the Story making user will be able to see who took it.

Those who have taken a screenshot of a Story belonging to a user who is included in the test will be denoted by a shutter logo next to their usernames. While the Story making user won't be notified explicitly about who took the screenshot, they will be able to find the ones who did in the list of Story viewers.

The warning message for users who are involved in the test reads: "Next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see." With this test, Instagram hopes to gauge the reaction of the users before officially rolling it out to all users in the app.

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