Apple HomePod Fails Repairability Test

Apple HomePod Fails Repairability Test
Apple HomePod’s teardown reveals its poor repairability.

(CCM) — Apple's smart speaker, HomePod, will hit sales shelves on Feb. 16, 2018. Before the audio device goes up for sale, a team of experts at iFixit tore it down to check durability and repairability. The result turned out to be unsatisfactory, with HomePod flunking the repairability test.

The team at iFixit believes that the HomePod is too hard to repair. In a statement, they wrote: “Even though it looks like there ought to be a nondestructive way inside, we failed to decode it. Without a repair manual, your odds of success are slim." It means that HomePod owners should not even try to repair or tweak the device at home and should instead leave the job to Apple. This could prove costly for some, though, as the company revealed that repairs will cost $279 in the out-of-warranty period or for repairs not related to manufacturing defects. This is enormous, when compared to the device's original retail price of $349, as the repair fee represents around 80% of the selling price.

Under the hood, Apple's HomePod bears an A8 processor, woofer, seven tweeters, and a six-microphone array. The device is sealed with a triple layer of adhesive and screws, which is what makes it especially tough to repair. Apple has claimed that the HomePod is “built like a tank,” which means that it should have a long shelf life if not deliberately damaged.

Image: © Apple.