Android P May Feature iPhone X's Notch

Android P May Feature iPhone X's Notch
Google is reportedly working on Android 9.0 and tacking onto it iPhone X-like features.

(CCM) — Google's latest Android version, Oreo, has yet to claim a decent percentage on the Android Distribution Chart, but the tech giant is already rumored to have started working on its next Android version. According to a report, Google is currently working on Android P, and it may come with an Apple iPhone X-like notch at the top.

The report further states that Google has internally named Android P as Pistachio Ice Cream and will unveil it later this year. Incremental improvements for Android P mentioned in the report include improved battery life, support for foldable display, enhanced Google Assistant, and more. However, the primary motivation for Google seems to be all about attracting Apple buyers by replicating its notch technology and integrating it cleanly into the Android ecosystem.

Currently, there is just one Android smartphone that features a notch, the Essential Phone. The report also claims that Huawei will be launching a new smartphone featuring a notch design, like the iPhone X, and it may launch running Android P under the hood.

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