Google Testing ‘Stories’ for Search Results

Google Testing ‘Stories’ for Search Results
Google is experimenting with including Stories in search results, aimed at making the search process faster and more visual.

(CCM) — Following the arrival of Stories on several platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp, it is now Google's turn to embrace the feature. In a blog post, the search engine giant announced a new extension for its AMP Project, which will work like the Stories feature that can be see on social media and is named Stories, too.

The AMP extension is primarily meant for showing news in a visual form for Google search results. It is designed to be visually appealing, with richer text and images alongside videos and animations. Like the Stories feature seen on other platforms, the one in Google search results will also change to the next story whenever a user taps their screen. This feature in Google search results will be limited to mobile browsing only.

Google's AMP Stories are intended to engage more users and deliver faster search results. During the experimental phase, only a handful of its publishers have access to this feature.

The company's AMP project was launched as an initiative to reduce webpage loading time on smartphones and tablets. AMP pages are highlighted in the text under search results to inform users that they can load them faster on their mobile devices.

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