Google Launches Light Gmail Go App

Google Launches Light Gmail Go App
Google has rolled out its Gmail Go app, a lighter and smarter version of the original Gmail app for Android.

(CCM) — Google has announced the launch of the Gmail Go app, a compact version of the Gmail app suitable for entry-level devices with less than 1 GB of RAM and limited storage. This marks yet another addition to Google's line of Go apps, which already includes YouTube Go, Gboard Go, and Assistant apps. The tech giant also recently introduced Android Go OS, which is made explicitly for low-powered smartphones.

The ultra-light app works just like the original Gmail app but without putting much pressure on the RAM. It loads fewer images to make the app lighter and also includes a smarter inbox that is meant for emails from friends, while the promotional and social emails are segmented into different sections. Nevertheless, it supports multiple accounts from Gmail and other email clients, including and Yahoo Mail.

Gmail Go is compatible with devices running Android 8.0 Oreo-based Android Go. The size of the app is just 20.66 MB, but it may vary depending on the device it is being installed on. Once installed, the Gmail Go app can only be deleted via the Google Play Store and not from the Settings menu like other apps.

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