iOS 11.2.5 Bug Crashes Messaging Apps

iOS 11.2.5 Bug Crashes Messaging Apps
iOS 11.2.5's latest bug makes messaging apps unresponsive after receiving an Indian language symbol.

(CCM) — A new bug has surfaced on iOS 11.2.5 that crashes messaging apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Outlook, and Gmail on iPhones. The issue arises when a user receives a specific Telugu character in a message, leading to unresponsiveness from the apps. The only way to access iMessage after receiving the bug-causing character is if the user who sent the message sends another message and the recipient deletes the entire thread.

Telugu is an Indian language spoken by over 70 million people around the world. Apple has yet to explain why the specific symbol from the language cripples apps in iOS 11.2.5. However, after looking into the issue, Apple said that it would be releasing an iOS update to fix the bug before iOS 11.3's spring release.

This latest bug has added to the list of many bugs that have previously plagued the iOS 11. Last month, the chaiOS bug, which could freeze iPhones with a single link, surfaced on the platform.

Image: © Apple.