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Microsoft Unveils Photo Companion App

Microsoft Unveils Photo Companion App
Microsoft introduced Photos Companion app to make media transfer between Windows 10 PCs and smartphones easier.

(CCM) — Microsoft has launched Photos Companion, an app for Android and iOS that aims to facilitate the transfer of photos from a smartphone to a Windows 10-enabled PC.

Using Photos Companion, users only need to scan a QR code to pair their smartphones with the Windows 10 Photos app. Once paired, they will be able to send batches of photos to their PC's photo app. This is, however, a process that users will be required to undergo for each file transfer.

Once transferred to the Windows 10 Photos app, pictures can be easily shared with friends via a single link. Windows 10 PC users can now also start a video project in Windows Photos and add photos and videos directly from their smartphones.

Image: © Microsoft.
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