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Facebook to Fight Russia with Postcards

Facebook to Fight Russia with Postcards
The social network plans to use postcards in a bid to stop Russians placing political advertisements.

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(CCM) — Facebook plans to beef up its efforts to verify the location of advertisers by sending out postcards to them in the mail, the BBC is reporting.

This low-tech approach to address verification is being adopted to fight the problem of agents from overseas attempting to buy political advertisements during US elections. The postcards, which will be mailed to advertisers' physical addresses, contain a code which must be quoted in order to make an advertisement booking, the BBC says.

But it is not clear how this will prevent overseas agents from specifying a U.S. address and then getting someone at that address to relay the postcard code to them by email or telephone.

Katie Harbath, a Facebook director, admitted that the postcard verification system "won't solve everything," and did not specify when it would start being used.

Last year Facebook announced that it had uncovered a Russian-funded campaign to promote divisive political messages on the social network, and thirteen Russians have so far been charged with interfering with the election in 2016.

The Russians posed as Americans and spent thousands of dollars buying political advertising and also set up groups on social media sites including Facebook, according to the report.

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