Sony Unveils AI-Powered Ride Hailing

Sony Unveils AI-Powered Ride Hailing
Sony's service will use artificial intelligence to dispatch cabs to areas where they are likely to be needed.

(CCM) — Sony is planning to harness the power of an artificial intelligence system to help ensure that taxis are available wherever they are needed, according to a Tech Times report.

Its AI-powered ride-hailing service, offered in Japan in partnership with six local taxi firms, will be able to anticipate demand for rides based on a combination of factors including the weather, traffic, and even local events.

That means that it will be able to dispatch a suitable number of cars to a venue just as a concert or sporting event is finishing, to ensure that people leaving the venue will be able to get rides quickly, the report says. The AI will adjust the number of taxis dispatched in the event of rain to take account of the fact that less people will be inclined to walk home.

The intelligent ride hailing service is due to launch in the spring, the report adds, but it is not clear if Japan is being used as a test market before launching a similar service in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world.

Shortly after Sony's announcement, Uber said that it plans to team up with taxi companies in Japan to go head to head with Sony's new service. Toyota is also planning to launch an AI-powered ride hailing service in the country in partnership with JapanTaxi.

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