AI Will Fuel Crime, Report Warns

AI Will Fuel Crime, Report Warns
Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool which is ripe to be exploited by criminals, according to report.

(CCM) — Artificial intelligence may be used by criminals, terrorists, and even rogue states to turn drones into missiles, produce fake videos to influence elections, and create automated hacking tools that can steal data in seconds.

That is the warning contained in the Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence report produced by a team of experts from academia, civil society, and industry.

Within the next five years, drones could be trained with facial recognition software to seek out and hit a specific individual, hackers could impersonate people (such as the CEO of a company) by synthesizing their voice, and technologies such as AlphaGo, Google's Go-playing AI, could be used to find vulnerabilities in software in seconds that hackers could then exploit.

Other scenarios the report's authors predict include causing self-driving vehicles to crash and using AI to direct swarms of thousands of micro-drones remotely.

"We believe there is reason to expect attacks enabled by the growing use of AI to be especially effective, finely targeted, difficult to attribute, and likely to exploit vulnerabilities in AI systems," the report's authors conclude.

They recommend that AI designers do more to prevent the technology they develop being misused and call for governments to consider new laws to crack down on AI-based crimes.

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