Sega Botches Yakuza 6 Demo Launch

Sega Botches Yakuza 6 Demo Launch
The company was forced to withdraw its demo after gamers found a way to unlock the full game.

(CCM) — Sega has been left red-faced after realizing that the newly released demo of its forthcoming Yakuza 6: The Song of Life game enabled some players to access the full game without paying.

The Yakuza 6 demo was hastily pulled from the PlayStation Store when it became apparent that players had found a way to unlock the full game, even though the demo was only supposed to allow gamers to play the game's prologue.

Earlier some gamers had expressed surprised at the large size of the game demo, which consisted of a 36.53 GB download.

Sega later apologized for removing the demo from the PlayStation Store, tweeting: "We are as upset as you are, and had hoped to have this demo available for everyone today. We discovered that some were able to use the demo to unlock the full game. We’re looking into the nature of the issue. Thank you for your patience."

The full game is now due to be released in North America and Europe on Apr. 17, 2018, a month later than its previously scheduled release date, although Sega has not provided an explanation for the delay. The game was released in Japan in December 2016, but adaptations for the western market can take a long time: the western version of Yakuza 5 was released three years after the title was launched in Japan.

Image: © Sega.