Twitter Bookmarks Target Time-Poor Users

Twitter Bookmarks Target Time-Poor Users
Twitter's new 'Bookmarks' feature is designed to help users who are too busy to read new Tweets.

(CCM) — Busy Twitter users now have an easy way to store interesting-looking Tweets so that they can examine them at their leisure later.

The new "Bookmarks" feature can be accessed by tapping on a new "share" icon that now appears on every Tweet, and then selecting "Add Tweet to Bookmarks."

To access that Tweet later, the user taps "Bookmarks" in the profile icon menu. All bookmarked Tweets will then be displayed, and the user can choose to view any of these Tweets or delete them from Bookmarks.

In addition to bookmarking a Tweet, tapping on the "share" icon also provides users with a quick way to share a Tweet, either by Direct Message in Twitter, or off Twitter in a number of ways.

The "Bookmark" feature has been developed after incorporating feedback from Twitter users, according to Jesar Shah, a Twitter product manager. "By working this way, we learned that you like to save replies so you can answer later and that you may share a Tweet hours or days later after you’ve bookmarked it," she said.

The new "Bookmarks" feature is being rolled out globally today on iOS, Android, Twitter Lite, and

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