Instagram Voice and Video Calls Coming

Instagram Voice and Video Calls Coming
Icons for the services have already been found in Instagram app code, suggesting they are almost ready for launch.

(CCM) — Instagram may be about turn up the heat on Snapchat by introducing audio and video calling in the coming days, according to an International Business Times report.

Instagram copied Snapchat's 'Stories' feature in 2016, and with 250 million daily active users it is more popular than Snapchat's version. But Snapchat is still more popular than Instagram as a chat platform, so it makes sense for Instagram to add voice and video chat to try to become the dominant app for users to chat with, as well as to share stories.

The evidence that these new services will be launched imminently is compelling: icons for "call" and "video call" are contained in the code of the Instagram and Instagram Direct APK files for Android devices. Code for unreleased features is often concealed in these APKs until they are activated, according to the report.

When code for a Giphy GIF sharing feature was spotted in the APK last month, the feature was launched just one week later, suggesting that voice and video calling could go live on Android by the middle of March. It is likely that similar features would be launched on the iOS version of Instagram in a similar time-frame.

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